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Magic Cure for Allergy Sneez'n & Wheez'n

Plagued by spring pollen allergies?

Runny nose....watery eyes...overall congestion?

Have you tried the usual remedies and haven't found relief?

It's time to ditch those poly clothes, sheets and towels.

Synthetic fibers rubbing against each other create static electricity.

Static electricity attracts pollen like a magnet.

When you wear polyester clothes, every move you make covers you with the microscopic stuff that makes you sneeze and wheeze.  

You can't see the pollen but it's there - stuck like glue to your clothes.

You just can't get away from it!

Add sleeping on poly sheets (aka micro fiber) wearing poly pajamas to the mix and you're headed for pollen over load!

What's the solution?

Ease up on the synthetics.

Choose 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen, flax, and silk.

You'll magically feel better.

So simple but so effective!

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