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How to Pick the Best Olive Oil

Yummy terms you need to know

Using olive oil has become the standard for healthy eating.
It's said to cure or prevent everything from dry skin to heart attacks.

Like all foods, the label is your key to what's inside the bottle.
Here's what you need to know:

Oil Quality

First Press
The oil came from the first squeeze of the olives.
The highest quality and most olive tasting.

Cold Press
Used when extracting oil from better quality olives.
The olives are squeezed to remove their oil.
No chemicals or heat were used.
Cold pressing helps retain the healthful properties.

First press and cold press are two separate indicators of quality. 
The best quality oil is a combination of both terms.
Look for "first cold press" on the label.

Heat or Chemical Oil Extraction 
If a label does not say "cold press" or "cold pressed",  chemicals or heat has been used to remove the oil from the olive.
Used for lesser quality olives.
Also used as a second extraction from o…

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