Find the Sweetness in Your Life

Life can be sweet or it can be sour. It's your choice.

We're all given the ingredients but how we bake the pie determines the sweetness that our life holds for us. The way we eat, exercise, work, and view the world affects our health and well being.

Life can be over whelming but you can’t change everything in a single day. Trying to do that only leads to failure. Revising life style habits and choices takes time plus commitment.

A baby step a day is all that's required to make painless changes that will last. Small steps get us where we want to go without getting us lost or injured.

Balance in life is achieved by balancing the life forces. There are positives to every negative.

A negative is a road block. When your road is blocked, it's a sign that you need to pay more attention. If you do, you'll feel better and better impact the world around you.

Embrace the chance to take care of yourself. Be as kind and loving to yourself as you know how. If your friend, companion or child came to you stuck or in pain you'd help not chastise them for their situation.

Become your own best friend and before you know it life will be sweeter than you ever thought possible without having to have that second piece of pie!


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