Losing Our Honey Bees - Colony Collapse Disorder

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This is the first entry of our blog and what we're talking about this morning is bees - the decline of the American honey bee to be exact and the effect it's having on crops.

For years, major commercial agriculture production in the United States has relied on the "European" honeybee to pollinate crops. Bee colonies are brought into mega farms and released to facilitate pollination. Over the past few years, these colonies have been "collapsing" meaning the bees leave the hive and do not return.

Some researcher think it's stress of moving the colonies. Others thinks it's poor nutrition, pesticides, mites or even a change in the electromagnetic field of the bees brought on my high tension electrical wires and our growing use of cells phones. Most recently, a theory came out that a virus is what's causing the collapse of the colonies.

Whatever the cause (or maybe it's a combination of factors) we must act quickly to preserve the bees that are so vital to our food supply.

Two bills are being introduced to Congress this fall in hopes of protecting and re-establishing honey bees in the US.

One bill is called the Pollinator Research Act to fund research on crop pollination and bee biology. This would help the ailing beekeeping industry who provide bees to pollinate the mega farms.

The other is the Pollinator Protection Act (part of the revised Farm Bill) to help farmers create bee-friendly habitats on their property. We have 4000 native bees in the United States that are great pollinators in the right habitat.

For more info visit http://www.pollinator.org./


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