The Cheesecake Lady's Diet For Good Health and Optimal Weight - Beginning

The Begginning

Well, I've gained a few pounds. A lot of pounds actually. I'll admit it. I like to eat and since I'm always testing recipes, I have a good excuse to keep on eating - actually "tasting" is what I officially call it.

I don't mind so much how I look, I mind how I feel. My joints ache and I don't have the energy I once had although my husband, Tony, says I have more energy than most people years younger.

But putting on pounds is just a fact of modern life. The truth is that we just aren't as naturally active as we were years ago and have not adjusted our eating habits (and please note that I call them "habits") to match our lower level of activity - although everyone would say, if asked, that they're always on the run. Add to that tons of yummy, addicting, refined, pre-made, pre-packaged foods that tempt us into oblivion. It's just too much yummy-ness to resist.

Over the years, I've digested (if you'll excuse the expression) hundreds, no probably more like thousands, of diet books by very credible sounding authors and I've tried everything they've ever recommended. All the diets work for a week or so then I'm back to my old ways feeling like a failure.

Last week I had a realization that hit me hard right in the middle of Border's Books. I had picked up and was glancing though a book called something like "Health Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About."

The chapter on weight control scared me to death. It was an absolutely impossible to follow litany of unappealing foods to be eaten in complicated fashion followed by a colonic routine. "If that's what it takes to be thin, then I don't want any part of it," was my response.

As I put down the book, I noticed that the author was a man. Not that a man can't write a diet book for women but I realized that EVERY diet book for women I'd ever read had been written by a man. I searched the racks for diets books written by women and came up empty. There didn't seem to be any. No wonder these books never worked for me even though my husband was able to use them to drop pounds effortlessly. While men mean well in their desire to help women drop pounds, men cannot possibly understand fully the female perspective.

So I decided then and there that a different approach was needed - an approach for women by a woman. As a professional Home Economist, I can surely bring health and well being to a good for you meal plan that will help you (and me, too) be our most beautiful selves.

Please join me as I manage the well being of my body, the earthly home of my spiritual self.


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