Halloween Recipes - Slime

We had a frost last night here in beautiful Sumerduck, Virginia, that caught me by surprise.

Once the sun comes up, I'll head out to the garden and see if there's anything to salvage.

This season, I grew this absolutely gorgeous and sweet variety of basil called "lettuce" basil. I hope there's some left and that the seeds can be collected for next year. The leaves are huge and crinkel-y all over. It's pale green and has a delicious taste perfect for people who don't like the heavy licorise taste of Italian basil.

There are just a few short days left until Halloween.

Today's recipe is for a very slimey drink - alcoholic for the adults and spirits free for the kiddies - guaranteed to gross out your guests!


Makes 1/2 gallon punch/16 (four oz.) servings

1 (3 oz.) package green gelatin mix (like Jello)
9 cups green fruit drink or punch (chilled)
1 - 1/2 cups gin or vodka (or to taste - optional)

Prepare gelatin according to package directions. Chill until partially set.
At serving time, put remaining ingredients into a punch bowl. Stir in globs of gelatin.


Check back tomorrow as we count down to Halloween with scrumptious recipes for tricking and treating.

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