Halloween Recipes - Spider Cake

Halloween is almost here.

I've been swooping around on my broom all morning trying to get things ready.

My horsey friend, Marilyn Cheek of Warrenton, gave me a bushel of apples from her tree yesterday and since then I've been peeling and poaching. But more about apple stuff another day.

Today's recipe is for a cake and since it is a know fact that every holiday needs a cake, what could be more fitting for Halloween than this easy one that looks like a spider !!

Gateau Arachnid (Spider Cake)
Everything sounds better in French
Serves 10-12

2 (8 or 9 inch round) cake layers (any type, any flavor, purchase or home made)
Fudge frosting (enough to frost the cake layers - purchased or home made)
6 black licorice sticks (for legs - not shoe laces or whips)
2 lemon drop candies or yellow gum drops (for eyes)
5 pieces candy corn (plus extra to decorate bottom of the cake, if desired)

Place cake on serving dish and frost.

Using scissors, cut each licorice stick in half length wise cutting 3/4 up the length of the stick. (This makes 2 thin strips attached at the top.)

Stick the uncut ends of 3 licorice sticks into the cake on opposite sides to make the legs of the spider.

Position lemon drop (or gun drops) on one side (without legs) to make eyes. Stick 5 pieces candy corn (pointed side facing toward plate) under eyes as teeth.

If desired, surround base of cake with addition candy corn to decorate.


Check back tomorrow for the last recipe before Halloween. It will be a ghouling experience!

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