Christmas - Let's Get Baking!

Thanksgiving is over and we're on our way to Christmas!

Cookie baking is the A#1 item on everybody's to-do list.

Buttery, home made cookies just say "Merry Christmas!"

To make your holiday baking more a labor of love and less just plain labor, set up a baking station.

A baking station is a pro tip that takes the drudgery out of baking and saves your energy for where it really counts - making cookies!

Here at Cheesecake Farms, we keep our baking station up all year long because we bake a lot but even seasonal or occassion bakers benefit from this simple professionally inspired idea.

Here's how it goes: Get yourself a small, sturdy rolling cart or rolling table and stack it with all your usual cookie (or in our case general) baking supplies. The rolling part is important because you'll roll your ingredients to where you want to work rather than hand carring them, one item at a time.

Typical, non perishable ingredients are: flour, sugar, chocolate, baking powder, baking soda, flavorings and whatever you use often. Find a place on the cart or table for speciality equipment, too, like a rolling pin, parchment paper and cookie cutters.

It's easy to keep track of supplies when you use a baking station because everything is right at hand - not hidden in the back of the pantry.

When you want to bake, simply roll your cart to your mixer and get to work. The drudgery of collecting all your baking supplies is gone!

Work from the cart, replacing items as you use or measure them. Your counter stays uncluttered leaving you more work space. You'll be more productive, too.

When you're done baking for the day, just roll the cart out of the way.

Once you set up a baking station, you'll wonder how you ever got any baking done without one.


Check back tomorrow as we count the days till Christmas with scrumptious recipes for a festive holiday season.

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