Thanksgiving Recipes - Perfect Pies

It's November and that means Thanksgiving is on it's way. What would Thansgiving be with out pies!?!

For tips on how to make the best pies, I went right to the source - "Mom" of Mom's Pies in Warrenton (and other locations). Here's what Mom had to say:

1. Use good, fresh flour, good butter (or shortening or lard).

2. Keep the butter (or shortening or lard) chilled so it doesn't mix with the flour but rather forms a layer of it's own.

3. Don't mix the dough very much. Don't over work or over roll the dough.

Mix the dough until it bearly holds together.

Roll the dough 3 times in 3 directions then stop.

4. The crust does not have to look perfect when you put it into the pan.

5. Make sure the pie is completely baked before removing it from the oven. The crust should be opaque top and bottom. The juice (if a fruit pie) should be bubbling for a few minutes.

6. For single crust pies (like pecan), freeze the crust before filling and baking - it makes it flaky.

So there you have it! Tips for perfect pies straight from Mom.

Happy Baking!!


Check back tomorrow as we count down to Thanksgiving.

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