How Can I Loose Weight?

Question: I've tried EVERY diet on the market and I just can't seem to loose weight. Help!

Answer: Keeping your weight under control is frustrating but can be easier than you think.

1. Watch your carbs.

Carbohydrates are every where and carbs are readily stored as fat when we get more than we need for our life style.

Choose regular, natural and old fashioned foods not low fat or fat free.

Low fat and fat free foods have fat removed but carbohydrates are put in to replace the fat that was removed.

Convenience and prepared foods often have carbs added. Shredded cheese, for example, is dusted with a invisible film of starch to prevent it from sticking together.

Read the ingredient labels of the foods you buy and choose ones without added carbohydrates.

2. Move, don't exercise.

Regimented exercise (like jogging, hitting the tread mill or working out in the gym) is not for everyone.

But movement is and if you move your body a little bit more than you are right now, you'll drop pounds effortlessly.

Walk the dog five minutes more. Climb a flight of stairs instead of taking the elevator. Cook dinner instead of picking it up at the drive through. Dance around the house. Pull out a few weeds or dig in a plant.

Movement does not have to be hard, complicated or regimented. You don't need special clothes, equipment or a trainer. Just move your body. All movement counts and it adds up fast.

When you move you stimulate body, mind and soul.

When you don't move, you hybernate, pack on the pounds and feel blue.

3. Don't diet.

Eat healthy, clean foods (natural foods without additives) and eat until you're just full.

Give yourself an occassional treat.

If you crave something, have a bite or two and really savor the flavor before swallowing.

Dieting is punishment. You body has only done what you've asked it to do (store the food you've fed it) and that's nothing to be punished for!

Embrace and love your body by doing right by it. Give it what it wants in the amounts it needs.

You'll feel so great you'll want to keep it up and feel great everyday!

4. Breath deeply.

Burning calories is no different than burning logs in your fireplace. Both need oxygen to get the fires going.

Breath in through your nose slowly, counting to ten. Let your chest expand as you take in the breath deeply.

Exhale slowly counting to ten again.

Start with one or two complete breaths (in and out) and work up to a few more every now and then but not so many that you become light headed.

The increased oxygen will help you burn calories. As a bonus, deep breathing helps you feel calm and focused, too!

5. Keep at it.

You didn't gain you extra weight overnight so don't expect it to drop off in a few days.

If you follow these four tips faithfully, your pounds will melt away and not come back.

But the key is "faithfully" follow the tips.

You are at the weight you are because of the life style choices you've made.

Make different choices and you'll have a different result.

It's really that easy!


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