Saving Money On Food

Question: Help ! My grocery bill is going through the roof!! How can I save money?
Answer: It's easier than you think plus with these easy tips, you'll be eating better and getting better nutrition!

1. Buy less prepared food.
No need to go cold turkey but if you cut down (and hopefully cut out) convenience foods, take out and deli items you'll be saving a bundle.

2. Shop the perimeter.
Dairy, eggs, meats, fish and produce are located around the edges of grocery stores. That's where you'll the best value for your food dollar.

3. Learn to make the basics.
Soup, salad dressings, sauces for vegetables or pasta, cakes, muffins and cookies are all high profit items for the manufacturers which means you're paying more than you need to. These basic foods are easy to make for a fraction of the cost. They'll taste better, too!

4. Make your own pizza.
Use premade crusts (like Bobolli). (And maybe someday learn to make your own dough.) Home made pizza is easier than you think. Your results will be DELICIOUS and you'll save a fortune!

5. Learn to make bread
No need to over do. Start off with one loaf once a month. Besides tasting great, you'll feel incredibly accomplished! When you're ready, get a bread machine. You'll never buy another $5.00 loaf of bread again!

6. When buying frozen vegetables or fish, buy them without sauce.
The only frozen foods you should be buying are plain vegetables and plain fish. Add your own sauces for a fraction of the cost.

Frozen meals, entrees, side dishes, breakfast foods and similar items are expensive versions of better quality food you can prepare yourself.


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