What Should I Eat To Be Healthy?

Question: There's so much confusion as to what to eat or not eat to be healthy, how do I know what's good for me?

Answer: It is incredibably confusing!

Each of us has similar yet totally unique needs for foods that give us good health.

You already know what a healthy diet should be so build on what you know.

Here's how:

1. Choose foods that are healthier.
Eat seafood more often. Have red meat occassionally but make it lean. Fill in with poultry, eggs and a little tofu.

2. Have some soy.
Sprinkle soy bean nuts on your salads. Have a glass of chocolate soy milk as a bed time snack. When you eat Chinese food, choose a dish with tofu like Buddha's Delight or Hot and Sour Soup.

3. Eat many colors of fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and veggies are colored according to the nutrients they provide. The darker the color, the more you get. By choosing many colors, you're getting a broad range of nutrients.

For example, red and pink fruits or vegetables (like beets and strawberries) provide similar nutrients. Not the same, of course, but close enough to count as a rule of thumb.

Orange and yellow (like squash or oranges) are also similar. As are broccoli, green beans and green apples.

4. Eat what appeals to you.
Assuming you eat a healthy diet, the foods you like are the foods your body needs. Our taste buds guide us to good health. Don't force down foods that don't taste good to you just because you're told they're healthy.

5. Broaden your horizons.
Be adventurous! Every once in a while try a new food or a new preparation method. There's such a big delicious world out there it's a shame to miss out!


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