Harvey Ussery and the Integrated Modern Homestead Seminar at Airlie

Do you know about the Integrated Modern Homestead seminar at Airlie?

Harvey Ussery of Hume, Va, is giving the seminar this Friday, March 28, 2008, from 9 AM-5PM and there couldn't be any better place to host it than Airlie.

Airlie (www.Airlie.org) is a gorgeous natural/organic conference and research center in Fauquier County.

Harvey is a frequent contributor to Mother Earth News, Backyard Poultry plus a host of other publications and is a wealth of experience in holistic, synergistic and energy saving back yard food production.

Saturday, Harvey is hosting the group for a tour of his 2-1/2 acre homestead that produces most of the food that he and his wife need. The tour is from 9:30AM-Noon.

The work shop costs $100 per person ($80 for Friday and included lunch/$20 for Saturday)

To attend the workshop, contact
Pablo Elliott, Director for The Local Food Project at Airlie
540-347-1300 (EX- 3163)
Email: pelliott@airlie.org

See you there!

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