Naked Cabbage

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Cabbage 101

Cabbage always gets a bad rap.
It's misunderstood - that's all.

When properly selected and properly prepared, it's a marvelous vegetable that's as sweet as sugar and ultra nutritious.

You can use cabbage in hundreds of ways - raw, lightly cooked, deep fried - you name it and it's so CHEAP!

First (and most important), always get fresh cabbage. Old cabbage tastes horrible.

The leaves should look moist and appealing. A few outer dark green leaves is a clue that the cabbage is fresh.

Next, turn the cabbage over and check the core bottom. The leaves should be tight against the core and not cut away. See the picture.

As cabbage ages, stores cut away the wilted outer green leaves and bottom leaves to extend the shelf life. Not a good buy for consumers.

Naked Cabbage
An easy way to cook cabbage.

A wonderful side with hearty fare like beef.
Yummy served over whole grains and toasted pecans as a main.


Melt a bit of butter in a skillet and stir fry finely shredded cabbage on low till limp and tender. Partially cover the pan to speed things up. Don't over cook or brown.

Cabbage should be very tender but still slightly green.


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