Easy Planting Trick For Healthier (and almost Big Free) Summer Squash

Monday Morning Blog

Usually my squash plants succumb to squash bugs early in the season but this year, there's hardly a bug in sight.

Here's a new planting method that we tried with great success.

Sink an empty flower pot into the center of each hill and plant the squash seeds around it. Water the traditional way but once the plants reach a few inches high, start watering by filling the empty pot with an inch or two of water. The idea is that the water goes deep into the soil instead of on the leaves to produce deep roots. Deep roots produce strong, healthy plants able to ward off bugs and disease plus stand up to the summer's heat and dryness.

I used recycled plastic pots that were 6 inches deep and buried them up to their rim in the soil. The garden looked funny at the beginning but now the empty pots are hidden by the lush green leaves.

So far so good. Not a bug in sight!


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