Celebrate Harvest Week In Hunt Country September 25 – October 4

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It's harvest time in Hunt Country.

The last week of September is Harvest Week. Restaurants in Middleburg, Upperville and The Plains will mark the occasion with a culinary celebration of our finest fare. Local produce, meats, cheeses, wines and artisan edibles will grace the tables of the best dining spots throughout the region.

The week long celebration will bring local farmers, vintners and food artisans together with chefs and diners.

The idea is simple - enjoy a meal at one of the participating restaurants and discover how really delicious fresh, local foods are.

According to The Virginia Farm Bureau Federation, agriculture in Virginia generates $2.69 billion in sales annually. The Virginia Cooperative Extension says that we can increase that number to $4.34 billion (and keep more of our hard earned dollars in Virginia) by spending just $10 of our weekly household food budget on local produce instead of foreign produce or produce that's been transported cross country.

Using local provisions has to come as a grass roots ground swell. By working together, restaurateurs and producers can promote the Piedmont region’s excellent foods and create more of a market for the "farm-to-table" concept. It's hoped that an understanding of the importance of knowing where food come from will develop.

The goal of Harvest Week is to see a time when buying and eating locally is the norm.


Want more info?
Visit: www.CelebrateTheHarvestWeek.com

Alyson Browett
Co-ordinator of Harvest Week


Harvest Week In Hunt Country
September 25 – October 4, 2009
Participating Restaurants - Middleburg, Upperville and The Plains

Call your favorite area restaurant to find out what their plans are for Harvest Week.
Each will be showcasing local bounty in their own special way.

Annie's 540-687-4754
Back Street Cafe 540-687-3122
Blackthorne Inn & Restaurant 540-592-3848
Coach Stop 540-687-5515
Forlano’s Market 540-253-5456
The French Hound 540-687-3018
Girasole 540-253-5501
The Goodstone Inn 877-219-4663
Hidden Horse Tavern 540-687-3828
Home Farm 540-687-8882
Hunter’s Head Tavern 540-592-9020
Market Salamander 540-687-8011
Mello Out 540-687-8635
The Rail Stop 540-253-5644
Red Fox Inn 540-687-6301


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