The Great Holiday Cookie Check Up

Monday Morning Post

Cookies not coming out like they used to?

The problem isn't you, it's your ingredients!

1. Always use name brand butter.
Store brands and no brand butter can vary widely in the amount of water it contains. Water makes cookies spread. Name brands are consistent.

2. Never bake with margarine.
Margarine is not reliable. Even if your recipe calls for margarine, they'll turn out better with butter.

3. Use name brand flour.
Like butter, store brand and no brand flour is inconsistent. Their protein contents can vary widely resulting in a whole lot of problems from tough cookies to dough that's impossible to roll. Find a name brand you like and stick with that.

4. Check your sugar.
Always use 100%, regular grind sugar without any additives. No dextrose. No superfine grind. Read the labels, even it's a brand you've used for years.


Q. I want to cut a cookie recipe in half but it only calls for 1 egg.

How do I measure 1/2 an egg?

A. The average large or extra large egg measures about 4 tablespoons.

When you only need 1/2 an egg crack the egg into a bowl and whisk it well.

Measure 2 tablespoons for your recipe.

Save the remaining 2 tablespoons for another recipe or add it to your compost pile.


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