Honey and Water Moisturizer - Healthier Than Commercial Cosmetics (and cheaper, too!)

Your body absorbs almost all of what you put on your skin, nails and hair - so why would you slather yourself in things you wouldn't (or shouldn't) eat?

Honey is a healthy, natural product that does more than sweeten your tea.

Since biblical times, honey has been used as a fabulous facial moisturizer.

A drop or two is all you need to plump up and heal your skin.

After cleansing, wet your face with comfortably warm water.
Dab one or two drops of raw honey on your face. (Don't use more. You want to be moist - not sticky.)

With your finger tips, message the honey and water all over your face. Use a clean, thirst towel to lightly blot off the excess water.

Watch your skin slowly develop a radiance as it drinks in the nutrients and healing that honey provides. It will feel baby soft, too.


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