Health Nuts

Monday Morning Post

Add nuts to your everyday diet and you'll be adding healthy (and delicious) dose of good health.

Brazils - One nut provides all the selenium you need in a day.

Cashews - Lots of protein and fiber. Rich in monounsaturated fat, potassium, B vitamins and folate.

Hazelnuts (also called Filberts) - Mega amounts of antioxidants - right up there with dark chocolate, red wine and concord grape juice.

Macadamias - Highest nut source of monounsaturated (good) fats.

Pecans - High fiber. Helps prevent gall stones, promotes prostrate health, and is said to aid in weight loss.

Peanuts - Not really a nut (actually a legume) but normally thought of as such. Highest protein content of any nut. Helps diabetics manage blood sugar levels and as an aid in weight loss.

Pistachios - Delay the empting of the stomach offering long term blood sugar control. Also a good source of plant sterols.

Walnuts - Rich in alpha-linolenic acid which promotes bone health, assists in diabetes management and weight control. Reduces breast tumor growth. Enhances brain and motor functions.


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