Sprucing Up Your Kitchen Will Sell Your House Faster

Monday Morning Post

Thinking of selling your home?

Spruce up your kitchen.
Here's how:

• Know your buyer
The kitchen should reflect the character of the house and the type of people who are likely to live there.

• Think like a buyer - not like a seller
Spruce up - don't remodel.
Add lots of perceived value to your kitchen without spending much money.

• Use popular brands
When replacing appliances, GE, Amana, Frigidair or other familiar brands are the best choices. People know these brands and trust them.

• Choose neutral colors
Walls - white, off white or bone.
Counter tops - white or natural stone colors.
Floors - natural stone or brick color.
Appliances - white.

• Fix the floor
Sheet vinyl has more perceived value that vinyl tile squares. Steer clear of exotics and green flooring for most homes. You won't be able to recoup their high price tags.

• Light'n up
New lights and ceiling fans give lots of impact for very little money.

• Clean and Declutter
Remove personal things from the kitchen and get rid of the mess.
Move the cat litter or box of dog toys into the garage or laundry room.
Keep the inside of the refrigerator clean, fresh smelling and organized.
Treat the kitchen to new curtains and a potted green plant.

• Create the scent of home
For added selling oomph, throw a few cinnamon sticks into a small pot of water and simmer it on the stove until your kitchen smells like you just baked a pie.
The home-y scent will make your home sell quicker. Really!


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