Free and Easy Water for Your Plants

Monday Morning Post

It has been so hot here at Cheesecake Farms that my garden is bone dry. I've been trying to keep up it watered but whatever water I put on my plants seems to evaporate as fast as I spray it on.

Mulching, of course, is always recommended to keep moisture in but it's been so hot and dry that doesn't seem to help much. About the best I can do is keep the bird bath full so at least the birds can get a drink and splash their feathers.

If you have a run off spout from your air conditioner, it's a good place to pick up some extra (and free) water to keep your plants and hanging baskets watered. Simply stick a bucket under the drain spout and let your AC system do the work. You can expect 5 or 6 gallons of water per day from the average 3 bed room house AC system. If your spout is high enough off the ground, you could put a rain barrel underneath.

This is run off water so use it only for your plants. It's not good for drinking or giving to pets.

So keep cool. Let's hope it rains soon!


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