Suits Me to a Tea

Monday Morning Post

I have been on a tea room jag lately.

I just can't get enough of those charming, eclectically decorated, one of a kind refuges that offer rare moments of civility in these hectic days of chain restaurants, fast food and take out.   Traci Watson, a friend of Cheesecake Farms and the inspiration and artistic talent behind our fabulous murals and ceilings, got me hooked.

And I'm not the only one. Tea rooms are springing up all over the place. 

Tea rooms are typically small and cluttered with shabby chic being the most popular theme. The fare is light, the portions refined and the menu is often cook's choice.

Tea rooms offer all kinds of hot tea brewed from loose tea (tea bags are taboo in a tea room) and most serve it in huge, individual pots. That's a nice touch since the entire world gives unlimited coffee, iced tea and soda refills but when you ask for more hot tea, you're charged for another cup.

Tea, by the way, is considered though out the world to be a healthy beverage offering an excellent source of antioxidants. That suits me to a tea.


Before You Go

Check out the Tea Map Trail
Complete tea room registry, menus and reviews


The number one rated tea room in our area is

Pinkadilly Tea
303 Fauquier St.
Fredericksburg, VA.


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