Why Do Men Write Diet Books for Women?

Monday Morning Post

My summer reading always includes the latest diet book.  I've read them all and tried nearly every diet - most of which I go off of before the day I started them is over.

This summer's diet book reading had an interesting twist.  I read two books - both of them written by women which is unusual in the diet book industry where most of the diet books for women are written by men.  Why is that?  How can a man tell a woman how to be successful at loosing weight and keeping it off?  Men and women are different (surprise!) so what works (easily) for men is doomed to failure for women.  That's why we diet, over and over again, and why the diet book industry is amoung the biggest in the industry.

The first book I read is called "Eat Your Way to Happiness" written by Elizabeth Somer, M.A., R.D.  The idea is that when you feel better, you'll eat better and when you eat better you'll feel better.  It's full of delicious tidbits about how the food you eat affects your mood which in turn controls your life.  It's a diet book that's very easy to digest.

The other book was "Women, Food and God" by Geneen Roth.  A short little volume about how, for women, food is the door way to the answers we seek in life.  It's our touch stone.  Our life is reflected in our plate and we don't realize it.

Roth does not offer a set of miracle foods as a way to thin-ness but rather a "listen to your body because you are a miracle" approach.  She's comforting, reassuring and right on the mark when it comes our constant drive to "fix" ourselves.  It's about time!

Both books are available everywhere including the library with "Women, Food and God" being the hottest book of the summer.  Roth appeared on Oprah and even though our local library stocked seven copies of her book, the waiting list to check it out is miles long.


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