Sleep in on Saturdays - Get Your Produce on Line

Monday Morning Post

I am a huge farmers' market fan and advocate.

Fresh produce, home made jam, country baked goods, and bunches of herbs so beautiful you're tempted to put them into a flower vase instead of a frying pan. Add to that the pride I feel in knowing that I'm disciplined enough to get up early on a Saturday morning and it's a winning combination - morning air, good health in a basket, and chatting with friends. I love it!

But lately, we've been so busy here at Cheesecake Farms that come Saturday morning, I'd rather veg-out in bed than hunt down local veggies in the early AM. So much for my stoic discipline and desire for fresh produce. 

Lamenting my lack of time, I remembered, the on line farmers market started last year by Deanna Child and Deborah Williamson, two enterprising Fauquier County farm women whose goal it is to make local farm fresh food available to everyone.

But how, I wondered, could I pick out ripe tomatoes or a plump chicken or a loaf of freshly baked, still warm from the oven bread without poking, prodding, sniffing or tasting? It can't be done, I thought.

I called Deborah and asked how her on line farmers' market worked. "It's easy," she said. "You sign into our web site and SHOP!"

"Sounds OK," I said, "but I like to pick my own produce."

"Don't worry," Deborah chuckled. "The farmers know that your next on line purchase depends on how satisfied you were with this purchase. Our customers trust us and trust the farmers to give them better quality than they expected. "

I gave it a try and much to my delight, there was more on line to choose from than was typically available at a farmers' market. There were the basics, of course, but also exotics. Produce, baked goods, meat and poultry, eggs, jams and jellies, bouquets of flowers, herbs by the bushel, natural cleaning supplies, honey - you name it, it was there.

I started with eggs and moved on to meat, cheese and baked goods.  I treated myself to a surprise bag of mixed herbs and locally made, organic lemon grass foaming hand soap to use for washing up before cooking.

It was like Christmas when I picked up that first order. A feast in a box.  Now I can sleep late every Saturday morning and still eat locally. - a  year round, on line farmers' market with seasonal offerings

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