For Your Valentine - Karla's Magic Fudge

Count Down to Valentine's Day

Chocolate may be romantic but fudge is the ultimate chocolate. It's more chocolate-y than chocolate. Darker. Richer. Deeper. Fudge is beyond chocolate. Fudge is chocolate bliss that speaks to us in dulcet tones.

What could be more romantic than home made fudge for your Valentine. Easier than you think, better tasting and much less expensive than any you could buy.  Fudge is an old fashioned treat that's straight from the heart.

Karla's Magic Fudge

Got more than 1 Valentine?
Portion the fudge into
cup cake papers.
These are in foil cups topped
with toasted hazelnuts.
Makes 1 (8 inch) square or heart shaped pan - about 2 pounds

1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk (not evaporated milk)
18 oz semi sweet chocolate chips

Optional ingredients (see list below)

Line your ungreased pan smoothly with foil leaving about 1 inch over hang around the edges to use as handles for lifting the fudge out of the pan. It doesn't matter which way the shiny side faces. Smooth out all the wrinkles. (If you're using a disposable pan, you don't need to line it.)

Melt the milk and the chocolate chips together. (Microwave or stove top) Stir till smooth. Fold in optional ingredients, if desired. (See Karla's Tips below.) Pour into prepared pan. Gently rotate pan to level fudge or spread with a knife.

Cool, uncovered, at room temperature for 1/2 hour. Refrigerate, uncovered, at least 1/2 hour to set the fudge before removing from pan or cutting. Fudge can be left in the pan (uncut) if you've used a disposable pan. After the fudge has set, it can be covered and/or wrapped for gift giving.

Karla's Tips
Optional ingredients can be sprinkled over the top of the fudge instead of being folded in.  Press them down lightly so they don't fall off.

Fudge is, at first, left uncovered in the refrigerator to make sure all the moisture of the warm fudge will evaporate off the surface. If you cover it too soon, drops of moisture may develop all over the top. The moisture won't change the taste but the fudge will look spotty. The fudge is later covered to keep it from drying out.


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