Super Snacks for the Super Bowl - Make Ahead, Cheap and Easy Pulled Pork Barbeque For A Crowd

Count Down to the Super Bowl

Does this sound like your kind of recipe?
Just add rolls and cole slaw!
Easy, make ahead pulled
pork barbecue

Serves 8 or more (depending on the amount of pork)
Make ahead

1 (5-8 pound) pork butt (see Karla's tip below)
1 (18-24 oz.) bottle your favorite barbeque sauce

Wash the pork under tepid running water.  Shake off the water.  Don't bother to dry.  Put pork into your slow cooker.  (Don't add any liquid or seasoning.) Cover. Cook until it falls apart (4-6 hours on high or 10-12 hours on low).

Remove cover.  Cool till it's easy to handle (about 1/2 hour) then put pork and any liquid into a refrigerator safe bowl. Cover and chill overnight.

Next day, remove fat, bones and rind. Discard. Shred meat. Heat meat along with any gelled broth. Stir in barbeque sauce to taste and cook to desired thickness, stirring occasionally.

Karla's tip: The weight of the pork doesn't matter. Choose the size pork butt that fits into your slow cooker.


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