Antibiotics Don't Belong in Your Meat

Antibiotics and Industrial Agriculture

According to Johns Hopkins University researchers, 50 to 80 % of all antibiotics used in the United States are fed to meat producing animals as a food supplement to promote faster growth (and quicker profits) - not to treat disease.  

Chichen, beef and pork
 raised without antibiotics
is available in grocery stores
everywhere and also from your
local farmer
This practice of regularly feeding low doses of antibiotics became standard for mega-industrial farms right after World War II and breeds, say Johns Hopkins, drug resistant pathogens like e coli and salmonella.

The antibiotic resistant bacteria find their way from the factory farms into the general food and water supply as well as the population at large.  Since these bacteria are resistant to antibiotics, they become life threatening.

Using antibiotics as a growth promoter so animals can be brought to market sooner seems a reckless endangerment of all life.

Better health begins with better food.  The buy fresh, buy local concept is simple and straight forward.  It's a great place to start plus fresh, local food tastes so much better!
Better food tastes better

Want to read the whole Johns Hopkins article for yourself?
It's a plate-ful!

Johns Hopkins Magazine
June 2009
Electronic edition -


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