Clean Green (and save money) with Vinegar

Green and Clean
Non Toxic Cleaning

We're very proud that our B&B has been awarded Virginia Green certification.

It's an award given by the Virginia Hospitality Industry and the Department of Tourism acknowledging our efforts to operate our B&B with environmentally friendly practices.

One of the things we do is use old fashioned, non toxic cleaning products that embrace our environment rather than poison it. Vinegar is our favorite.

You can use this same time honored cleaning product in your home, too. It's pet and child friendly and you'll save a ton of money while you're saving the planet. Always test on a hidden spot before using to be sure it doesn't damage your surface.

Vinegar - The great all purpose grease cutter, cleaner and sanitizer.

Floors, cleaning the refrigerator, windows and general cleaning
Fill a jug 1/4 full with vinegar then top off with tap water. For floors, pour straight out of the jog then mop. For windows, pour on cloth and squeegee or wipe dry. For other cleaning - wipe or pour on the dirty surface. Buff dry, if desired. Rinsing is generally not necessary except for chrome or metal which should always be rinsed to prevent pitting. Buff metal dry to make it shine.

Pour 1/2 cup straight vinegar into the last rinse cycle instead of fabric softener.  It removes residual soap and naturally softens clothes and towels without leaving a smell.

Towel tip: If your 100% cotton towels no longer absorb like they should, they have a build up of laundry detergent and/or fabric softener. The next time you wash them, substitute 2 cups straight vinegar for your usual laundry detergent and omit the fabric softener. Then, every 2 to 3 months (or as needed), repeat the vinegar wash. Towels that contain polyester, by the way, will not absorb well no matter what you do.


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