The Radical Cook - Fork Chopped Garlic

Cooking outside the take out box

Throw away that messy to use, hard to clean, garlic wasting, garlic press.

Try my fork chop method.

Press the clove 

In less time than it takes to open a jar of that coarse-tasting, pre-chopped garlic, you'll have mountains of healthy, fresh tasting, real garlic for all your favorite recipes.

Here's how:

• Peel a clove of garlic.
• Press it down with a fork until you see ridges and it squishes thru the tines. 
• Remove the fork.
Remove the fork
• Using a paring knife, make close together cuts across the ridges.

Cut across the ridges

Voila!    Finely chopped garlic!!

Garlic clove too big to fork?
Cut it into pieces!


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