Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Radical Cook - Keep Your Garlic in the Freezer

Cooking outside the take out box

Does your fresh garlic go bad before you use it up?

Getting ready for the
Freeze it!

Just put your garlic into a freezer safe glass jar and pop it in the freeze.
That's it!

Keeps months.
Use right from the freezer like fresh garlic.
It never freezes hard so you can get out a clove or two with no thawing required.

The peel slips right off and the clove will easily mash without chopping!!

Garlic in the freezer -
waiting for recipes! 
Be sure to use a GLASS jar.

Plastic is porous so, if you use a plastic bag or a container, everything in the freezer will wind up tasting like garlic - including the ice cream!

Green nibs are signs that
the garlic is sprouting
and, if planted, will
grow into a new head of


 Already got garlic with green nibs?

No problem!
Remove the nibs and discard them (they are bitter) then use the rest of the garlic.

Or leave the nib in the clove and plant it. In a while you'll have a whole head of garlic for free!

 Use a paring knife or your fingers
to remove the green nibs and discard

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