Should You Be Eating Meat?

The Case For Eating (or Not Eating) Meat

Some studies show that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters.

Other studies show that meat eaters are healthier.

The truth is that it really doesn't matter.  We've eaten meat since our cave man days. You can be healthy whether you eat meat or not.

So what's all the commotion about?

Some feel that raising animals for meat is inefficient, expensive and impacts the environment negatively.

Others feel the hormones and antibiotics in the meat make it unhealthy to eat.

As compelling as these arguments against eating meat are, it's hard to give up a juicy, rare, charbroiled steak so the debate continues.

What is making a growing number of people around the world shift to a plant based diet is something completely different.  It's a quiet shift with no big campaigns or media coverage but it's so big that it's moving mountains - silently, one person at a time.

What's making people shift to a plant based diet is their recognition of an animal's soul.

In the United States, we have a tradition of not eating horses, dogs and cats even though they are edible and are eaten in other parts of the world.

We don't eat horses, dogs and cats because they have become our friends and companions.  We've looked into their eyes and seen their souls. We've connected with them.

We don't have that same connection to chickens, cows, pigs and other animals we use as food but as our connection to them grows, our desire to use them as food naturally diminishes without any one having to say it's the healthy or right thing to do.


Kimberly said…
I am a 45 year old woman and I have not eaten any hooved animals since I was 17. I have lower cholesteral and blood pressure than my meat eating relatives and I actually feel healthier. And I feel as though pigs and cows have souls like horses and dogs. Don't eat them

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