The Cat Chronicals - Part 3

A choir of angels
Meow Mix

Cat Toys

There's more to cats than food and litter. Toys come to mind.  Cats are big on toys.

We don't buy toys any more. They're always too flimsy and too expensive.

A paper bag (no matter what size) provides hours of play as the cats try to squeeze inside to hide.

Corrugated boxes make fun toys. The cats jump in them, shred them, chew them up then we throw them out.  It's re-cycling at its best and cats love corrugated as a scratching "post".



We don't have our cats de-clawed but the decision whether or not to de-claw depends on your ability to adapt to a cat life style. Cats naturally paw at things - usually at your most expensive furniture or oldest antiques.

We have rooms that are off limits to our cats. The formal living room, the dining room, the public areas of our house. This is where we have the good furniture. French doors (doors with glass panels) keep the cats out without making us feel closed in.

The cats have complete access, however, to our family area (the Inn Keepers lodgings) where the public never goes. William, our dog, gets to go into any of the rooms as long as he is with us - the only perk of being a dog in a house full of cats.

Should you de-claw? That's a tough question. We don't think so but then again our furniture in the family area is cat friendly - cheap and well worn.

A pile of kitties

Twenty or so years ago, when our first kitty came into our life, de-clawing was considered the norm for indoor cats. We never noticed our (then) de-clawed cats developing problems because of de-clawing but it's a practice that we've phased out because it's so barbaric. How would you feel if all your finger and toe nails were pulled out?

A de-clawed cat is helpless and has no means of defense. Indoor/outdoor kitties should never be de-clawed. They will run into all kinds of predators in the outside world. If you de-claw an indoor only cat, it must truly be indoor only for the rest of its life.

So how do we get nine cats (with claws) to get along with each other? Well, for starters, we talk to them about their committment to being part of the group….. but more about that tomorrow.


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