The Cat Chronicals - Part 4 Vets for the Cats and Diets for Us

Crazy Like A Cat

I just returned from the cat vet.  We have two - both FABULOUS.

(A side of guilt is called for here......I always worry about giving out the names of people who do extraordinary work, restaurants that are fabulous or off the beaten path places that offer great deals. 

Part of me wants to shout their names so everyone can take advantage of a good thing and part of me wants to keep them all to myself so they're there when I want them/need them.)     

Dr. Huntsman, who Little Angel and I saw today, is our holistic cat vet.  She only sees cats.  We love her.  She take a broad overview of our kitties, body and soul, nurturing them into grounded well being.  We love her, too, because she has GREAT coffee and a friendly - helpful staff that's been there forever.  Best of all, the rest room sign says "Litter Box".  We like that touch of playful-ness.  She has plenty of cat-a-tude.    

Petunia, Sweet Pea, Rudee & Dorian
Dr. Hart is our major intervention vet.  He sees our dog, William, too.  He's part of a larger practice that sees a wide range of pets.  Dr. Hart's style is more clinical and aggressive.  He zeros in on problems and addresses them strongly right then and there.  We really like his quality of life approach to our animal companions.  He does what he can but knows when it's enough.  He's kind and gentle and caring.  We love him and his helpful, fun, caring staff, too.

The funny thing (which we didn't know until recently) is that both Dr. Huntsman and Dr. Hart went to vet school together.  They were pals and served on a lot of student boards together. 

Over the years, we've gone back and forth between Dr. Huntsman and Dr. Hart for second opinions.

So where am I going with all this.... well, Dr. Huntsman and I yakked it up (as we always do). 

Dr. H is on a diet.  She just turned 50 and has decided that once and for all she's going to get her weight where she wants and keep it there.
Dorian (Gray)

I gave her the benefit of my knowledge..... things like: 
"Why is it that men write diet books for women?"  and 

 "Mother Nature designed women to gain a few pounds as they age"  and

 "We don't restrict the amount of air we breathe so why should you have to restrict your food?"

So, after Little Angel got her distemper drops, we decided to drop a few pounds together.

It's not hard, as my nurse practitioner Lisa Springer says.  Just make better choices!

Join us.... we'll face book it!

By summer, we'll all look like the cat's meow!


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