The Cats of Cheesecake Farms

We're often asked about our house cats because people just can't believe we have (at the time of this posting) nine.

Cats on a hutch

Petunia, Sweet Pea, Dorian and

Yes, nine cats! 

Guests never see them and no one - not even my most allergic friend - realizes that they are there, keeping watch and filling our house with life energy.

My vet (one of many) has assured me that the magic number of cats, before people start to think of you as looney, is twelve. 


We've never gone looking for cats.  They just show up. 

Needy, hungry, sick and lost.  They some how find their way to our door and self manage to always keep their numbers under twelve.

I think it's a kind of cat mental telepathy - a communication they have with one another.  They seem to sense need among their fellow cats and bring them safely to our door.


We have three working cats at the barn but the house cats are lounge kitties.  They never go out and, because their lives were so hard on the outside, they never miss it.  I'm sure they think it's better to have regularly served meals than go hungry.  A sunny window is about as much adventure as they want.

All day long our cats play and eat then play and eat some more with a few naps in between.

At night, we shake a can of treats and they all come running.  We count noses then snuggle into the bed along with our one and only dog who stoically
 puts up with all the cat foolish-ness.



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