Look Like the Cat's Meow - The Cat-Cardio Work Out

Day 1

This is day one of the Look Like the Cat's Meow - drop a few pounds by summer - health, beauty, fitness and stealth, chronicle for cat lovers.
"Am I stuck?"  Sweet Pea

It all started at the cat vet's yesterday when Dr. Huntsman and I were yakking about feeling better after the age of 50.

50, BTW, is a great age for women.  It's a time of rebirth and beginning.  The battle of the hormones has been won and your style has been established.  You're off on a new path of interest and adventure.

Uncle Billy, in the movie "Giant", told Elizabeth Taylor, who was bemoaning at the thought of being 50, that 50 was a nice age.  And so it is.

Dr. Huntsman turned 50 this year.  I have been around that block a couple of times... but even so, 50 is a nice age and, like a bottle of good wine, women mellow and get better as they age.

Think you're stuck?  You're not.

"Did some say dinner?"
There's an expression that you can't teach an old dog new tricks but we're not talking dogs here - we're talking cats. 

Cats learn all the time and will learn a new trick at any age if it will make them happy, healthy and content.  You're a cat person.  You have smarts you haven't even used yet!

Over the years, a few of the cats we've taken in have come from the rescue league who warned us that the cats they were giving us could not be litter box trained or socialized.  They were too wild, they said.  But, that was NEVER the case.  Patience and caring always work.  Always.

So we're going to begin our quest for better health with patience and caring.  Easy does it will be our mantra. Nothing harsh, hard or harassing.  We'll get to our goal with cat-atude!   We'll start with a cat-cardio/no exercise workout.   

Get better looking and thinner by breathing.  Yes, just by breathing.  Cats do it all the time and you can, too.

Cats demonstrating their
Cat-Cardio Work Out

Whenever you think of it today, breathe in deeply to slow count of 5.  Hold it for a slow count of 5 then release it to a slow count of 5.  

You'll be taking in and holding onto life energy.  Life energy feeds your body and soul.  It slows down wrinkles, brightens the skin, clears the head, tames the appetite and uses up calories.  

This is an ancient technique practiced by most religions.

Some say this gives you extra oxygen.  Other's say it's cosmic energy.  We can call it cat energy because any house with a cat has plenty of cat energy.

Whatever you call it, it cleanses your cells, mobilizes your metabolism and burns calories at a higher rate - just like doing a cardio-work out only cat style - with the least amount of effort possible.


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