Look Like the Cat's Meow Day 3 - Basking in the Sun

Cats, You and Vitamin D
Daisy in the garden
soaking up some rays

I was shocked recently when my annual check up showed that I had a vitamin D deficiency. 

Sure, I was feeling tired but I attributed that to other stuff like running around here and there or working non stop everyday. 

I never, not for a million years, though I had a vitamin D deficiency but I did and that was the real reason for my 7:30 bed time, my afternoon cat naps and my creeping pounds.

It's been a long, cold winter of hibernating inside my toasty warm house so that wasn't surprising.  Plus, I'm not the milk drinker I once was.

We only get natural vitamin D from sun shine.  We make it when the sun's rays shine on our skin.  For this reason, vitamin D is added to milk.  You can also get it from cod liver oil but it's not a popular supplement these days.      

Mrs. Kitty out for
a stroll in the sunshine
Vitamin D is often thought of as the strong bone vitamin and that's true but, for women, it does more.

Vitamin D is a key factor in how we generate energy.  Not enough vitamin D and you're too pooped to play.

When you're pooped, you look for energy foods to eat (those yummy carbs) as a way to keep going until a supply of vitamin D is available to provide a sustainable stream of energy.

Cats know this.  Cat's lounge in the sun every chance they get.  They soak up the rays and spend them later running, jumping and playing - usually all night long when you're tying to sleep. 

I'm not suggesting that you soak up the sun all day then party all night (although that sounds like fun) but rather to pay attention to the message your cat is sending you.

Up from their naps on the bench
in front of the window - hoping 
to see some birds at the feeder 
Natural sunshine is important to our well being.  It doesn't take much.  Ten minutes a day of gentle sunshine on face, hands and arms (all without sun screen) will give you all the vitamin D you need. 

Your cat will nap in the sun (which you can too) but you can also garden or bicycle or take a ride in your convertible. The activity doesn't matter. What matters is that you get some sun.

You can, of course, get more than 10 minutes of sun just be careful not to get burned.  Burning is bad and you don't want so much sun that you develop skin cancer.  Also, some medications may make you extra sensitive to the sun so check with your doctor and follow his/her advice.

Get enough vitamin D and you'll feel better, look better and even loose a little weight.

Sunshine - your cat loves it and you should, too!


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