Look Like the Cat's Meow - Eat Like A Cat

Eat only what you want

Ah, desserts.....
I've gained a few pounds over the years.  A lot of pounds actually. I can't hide it so I might as well admit it.  

I like to eat and that's healthy but I eat too much.   I have a good excuse - I'm always testing recipes.  

"Tasting" is what I officially call it but no matter what I call it,  it's still eating and it all adds up.  It doesn't matter if it's carbs or protein or "free choice" veggies - as I said, it all adds up. 

If you eat too much, you put on weight.  I know that because I have.  It doesn't matter why one eats - eating is eating.

Putting on pounds is a fact of modern life.  We just aren't as active as we were years ago and we have not adjusted our eating habits (and please note that I call them "habits") to match our lower level of activity - although everyone would say, if asked, that they're always on the run.

Ah, cheese.....
Add to that tons of yummy, addicting, refined, pre-made, pre-packaged foods that tempts us into oblivion. It's just too much yummy-ness to resist.

As a cat lover, you'll notice that cats never eat anything they don't want.  There's things you may want your cat to eat but, try as you will, if your cat doesn't want it, he (or she) won't eat it.

So, for today, (unless your doctor tells you otherwise) let's follow the lead of our cats.  Today, we'll eat only what we want and we're going to enjoy it!

Yummy veggies
No guilt if it's a day full of Little Debbies.   No pats on the back if it's only veggies.  Eat what you feel like today and savor every bite.  Take the pleasure you seek from the food you eat.

Just for today, give up the mindless eating of  "healthy" foods and eat like a cat. 

Cats eat what they want.  When you eat only what you really want you'll naturally eat less.  When you eat less, you'll loose weight - and don't worry about it.  Today you might be craving Little Debbies but "tomorrow is another day!"



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