Radical Cooking - Ditch Those Grocery Store Eggs

Better, fresher, cheaper and easier
Cooking outside the take out box

Improve your cooking and baking without effort.
It's the freshness of the egg
that matters - not the color 
It's easy - and that's no yolk. 

Just ditch those grocery store eggs and get yourself some fresh from the farm.  

The taste is like night and day so the flavor of everything you cook will pop. 

You won't have to juice up your recipes with lots of salt and pepper either. 

Everything you cook will taste better - naturally!

Your cooking (and baking) will be so much better that people will think you went to cooking school.

Different Yolks for Different Folks

Local, farm fresh eggs come in more varieties and sizes than the typical grocery store - factory chicken egg.

With Easter just around the corner, it's a great time to try out something egg-stravagent.  Get them from your local farmers' market or farm stand.  Watch for "eggs for sale" signs by the side of the road, too.

Everything you cook
(or bake) will be better
if your eggs are fresh
Goose Eggs
These very large specialty eggs can be hard to find because geese only lay eggs in the spring - and not very often. Geese eggs are about four times the size of a chicken egg so they make egg-stra special dyed or decorated eggs for your Easter basket. One goose egg, scrambled, will serve two hungry people. The yolk is much thicker than a chicken's - almost custard-ty.

Duck Eggs
You'll see duck eggs more and more in our area of Virginia because gardeners (and we Virginians love our gardens) are getting into keeping ducks.  Ducks adore eating the bugs gardeners hate - especially that dreaded stink bug. Many people feel, too, that ducks are much easier to keep than chickens.

Duck eggs are almost twice the size of chicken eggs with deep yellow yolks. The taste is mild. Use them just like chicken eggs for breakfast.  In recipes, use one duck egg for every two large or extra large chicken eggs.

Chicken Eggs
If you've never had a farm fresh local chicken egg, rush right down to your nearest farm stand or farmers' market and get yourself a dozen.

You'll see the difference the minute you crack open the very first one.  Farm fresh eggs have thick, gorgeous whites that hold air when you beat them.  Your cakes will rise higher.  Your scrambled eggs will be fluffier.  And that's only the beginning. 
Easter is the perfect time
for fresh eggs

Whites are thick when eggs are fresh. 

As eggs get old, the whites break down and become watery.  Watery whites can't hold air.

If you've been having problems making cakes from scratch or with breakfast eggs sticking to the pan no matter what you do, the problem might not be your technique but the age of your eggs. 

Grocery store eggs can be months old when you buy them.

Quail Eggs
The darlings of the gourmet and bistro set.  These little delicacies are small and not as rich tasting as other eggs.  Their yolks, however, are bigger than what you'd expect for their size so they are cute, cute, cute and make gorgeous, pop in your mouth, one bite, stuffed eggs for cocktail parties or fancy occasions.  A minute or two is all it takes to boil them.


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