The Cat Chronicals - A Precious Little Kitty

A lot of you email that you enjoy reading about our kitties.  Yes, we do have a lot and love them all.

Each kitty showed up on his or her own.  We've never had to go out to adopt one.  Each came with a story and was in very sad shape.

I've mentioned before that I know there is some kind of cat telepathy going on because we never exceed our limit of 12 cats and when one (sadly) passes on, another (happily) shows up.  They just seem to know the magic number and some how regulate themselves.

Precious after a few
good meals
Today's story is about Precious - our latest addition.

Precious showed up at our barn about 2 months ago.  It was dinner time and our barn cats let us know there was a new comer in the hay loft.

It had been raining heavily for a couple of days.  Precious was drenched to the bone and was skinny, skinny, skinny. His right ear was bent over and he looked like something, well, the cat dragged in.

A skinny little "Precious"
We fed him, put him into a carrier and took him up to the house.  He spent the night in a quiet room snuggled into some fluffy, warm bedding.  He was dry, safe and well fed.

By the next day, Precious had already acquired his new name - fitting it to a tea.

Precious is very old.  We're guessing at least 15.  The vet checked him over and, as we suspected, all he needed was some TLC. 

"Precious" - What's
not to love?

All of our new cats are quarantined for 6 weeks before we introduce them to our herd.  Even though Precious checked out OK, quarantine provides time for any incubating diseases to show up and be treated.  It's time, too, that allows the other cats to get used to the new cat in the house without confrontation. 

Quarantine is not bad and, frankly, the cats seem to love it.  They get private, one on one play time with us, extra food and have a huge room (and litter box) all to themselves.  I wouldn't mind that myself.

Precious joined the herd about a week ago and is fitting in just fine.  He's a precious little kitty!

Update 3/13/18
Precious was with us for 5 years before crossing over the rainbow bridge.
We will miss him snuggling tightly between us at night. Precious grew deaf so sleeping tight between us must have given him a greater sense of security. We miss him!!!


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