Eat Your Way To Good Health - Going Raw

What can you eat to be healthier?

Or better yet…. can you eat to be healthier?

Fresh strawberry pie -
the new health food!

You're probably familiar with the so called "power" foods:

Dark green leafy vegetables
Dark Chocolate
Whole grains
Brazil nuts

These foods are said to be jam packed with nutrients.  You probably try to incorporate them into your diet already because they're so often in the news.  But, to insure optimal health, you need to get your enzymes and enzymes are rarely talked about.

Enzymes are the keys that unlock the cells so the nutrients food contains can be utilized by our bodies. Without enzymes, you may be eating sufficient food but you won't be getting the nourishment out of the food that you should.

Enzymes are easy to get and tasty to eat because they're abundantly available in all raw foods.  There's no need for pills or supplements.

Enzyme packed dinner of
grilled fish tossed with fresh
dill and lemon

Some raw food (like meat and seafood) is not healthy to eat for other reasons but when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the more often you eat them raw, the healthier you will be.

Enzymes are destroyed by heat.  Any time food is canned, processed or packaged, the heat required destroys them. This doesn't mean you should never eat processed or cooked food, what it means that to be healthier, choose raw and unprocessed more often and whenever possible.

Uncooked tomato vegetable
soup  - a summer time
favorite that's loaded with
Some easy ways to add raw to your day:

  • Serve lemonade made from fresh lemons instead of powdered drink mixes, pasteurized/bottled or concentrates
  • Make uncooked apple sauce in the food processor instead of serving the traditional canned type
  • Combine a variety of raw, seasonal ingredients to make a salad - grated raw beets, strawberries, orange slices, raw mushrooms, fresh peas, fresh greens
  • Add grated fresh lemon, lime or orange peel to home made salad dressings (You can enzyme up bottled dressings with raw peel, too)
  • Toss raw broccoli and shredded carrot with cold, cooked pasta for a salad
  • Make a smoothie from fresh banana, strawberries, vanilla yogurt and orange juice
  • Squeeze fresh lemon or lime on cooked fish, chicken, veal, veggies or salads
  • Make margaritas and summer cocktails with fresh fruit instead of commercial mixes
  • Add slices of lemon, orange and lime to wine for sangria
  • Serve home made salsa made from fresh tomatoes, fruits and veggies instead of the purchased kind
  • Add a handful of fresh garden mint to a pitcher of water

Can you eat to be healthier?

A definite yes!   All you have to do is eat your enzymes!!


donna said…
I really like these tips.GREAT advice, thank you!!
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