Should You Be Eating Meat?

Getting to the Meat of the Issue
The Case for Eating (Or Not Eating) Meat

Roast chicken means
Sunday dinner to many

It really doesn't matter whether or not you eat meat.

Some studies show that vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters.

Other studies show meat eaters to be healthier than vegetarians.

Humans have always eaten meat so it's no wonder people dismiss studies that tell them to give up char-grilled steaks and Thanksgiving turkeys. 

Some vegetarians eat eggs
Some don't

But the fact remains that more people than ever before are silently shifting to a plant based diet, one person at a time, world wide, without fanfare, proselytizing or instructions from their doctor. 

Why would anyone just give up meat?  

What's making people shift to a plant based diet is their recognition of an animal's soul.
Tastes like turkey but it's made
from mushrooms

In the United States, we have a tradition of not eating horses, dogs and cats.

We don't eat them because they have become our friends and companions.  We've looked into their eyes and seen their souls.

We don't have the same connection to other animals, but it's growing and as that connection grows, the desire to use the animal for food naturally diminishes.
Should you give up eating meat and eat a plant based, vegetarian diet instead?
That's not a question anyone can answer for anyone else.
You intuitively know what's best for you to eat and when you eat those right things, you feel great.
So listen to your body and make healthy choices.
If that includes meat that's fine.
If it doesn't, that's fine, too! 


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