Food for Thought - How to Get Rid of Nightmares

Plagued by nightmares?
It might be the meat you're

Plagued by nightmares?
Here's something to think about.....

Nightmares are often caused by the meat you eat.

Animals that are harvested in an environment of fear build up a tremendous amount of lactic acid in their meat. 

When you eat that meat, you are consuming the fear they felt.  Their fear manifests as your nightmares.

Ask for humanely
harvested chicken

Children, who are closer to the creator and there for more sensitive, are very often plagued by nightmares and monsters who hide under the bed.  We dismiss this as a normal part of childhood as if horrible fear is the normal state of being. 

Does that mean you have to give up meat?

No.  Eating meat is neither good nor bad.  
People have eaten meat since the beginning of time.

What you need to do is be more conscious of how the meat you eat got to your table.

There are many humane ways to harvest animals for food and cultures around the world (including ours) have always practiced them.

Faux turkey made
from mushrooms
Some pray over the animal before harvesting and thank it for providing sustenance.

Some use very quick, painless methods.

Others remove the animals from the herd just before harvesting so there is no time for them to get stressed from fear.

If you or your child are plagued by nightmares, consider switching to more humanely harvested meat and chicken.  Look for Kosher meat in the grocery stores.  Shop local farmers who can tell you about the humane practices they use in harvesting.

Eating meat is a fact of life but it should provide sustenance not nightmares.


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