Monday, August 1, 2011

Radical Cooking - Cooking Spray Is WD-40 for the Kitchen

New Life for An Old Can Opener

From the Kitchens of Cheesecake Farms
Cooking spray makes
can openers work like new!
Works on electric can openers, too!!

Got a can opener that's fussy, hard to operate and not doing it's job?

Before you toss it, spritz the gears with cooking spray.

It's WD-40 for the kitchen!!

Never heard of WD-40?
WD-40 is an all purpose spray that's been hanging around work shops for ages.

When all else fails, handi-men (and women) reach for the familiar blue can to loosen rusty screws, help gears turn easier, keep ice from sticking to heat pump blades and a whole lot more.  It's a work shop miracle in a can.

But in the kitchen, WD-40 is toxic. 
Cooking spray to the rescue !!

Simply spritz cooking spray on any food contact surface that needs a little help.  Removes gummy label residues, too. 

To shine up stainless steel, spray a bit on a dry cloth then wipe away finger prints and streaks.  And don't forget that can opener.

When all else fails, try a spritz of cooking spray.

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