Seidita Olive Oil

By Karla Seidita, Home Economist
Seidita Estate
Olive Oil

Yes, you read right… Seidita Olive Oil.

Fresh from the presses of old world Sicily, delivered right to your new world, American door.  How wonderful is that?

Seidita Estate Olive Oil is yummy, luscious and really fresh tasting - only it's from Gioacchino Seidita…...  not Karla and Tony Seidita.

Any relation?

We don't know but imagine my surprise when I picked up the phone recently and heard my
now-new-friend Stella Moceri Seilo tell me about Seidita Olive Oil.

Stella is originally from Sicily but lives in Michigan with her American born husband Mark.

Over the years, on trips back home, she'd tuck a few bottles of her home town olive oil into her suit case.

Her Michigan friends marveled at her good cooking so she shared her olive oil secret with them.  When they began begging to buy her oil, she started importing it.

It's the fresh taste of this oil that I like best.

We've been doing a lot of olive oil tasting in my cooking classes here at Cheesecake Farms.  My students love comparing brands.

With so many olive oils on the market (and their very high prices) it's almost impossible to know which one to buy.  Since you can't taste the oil in the store, if you're disappointed with your purchase, you're stuck - and out a lot of money.

Most of the olive oils we've tasted in my classes (and we've tasted hundreds!) have had a bitter, seed - y after taste - like the olives were pressed too hard in an effort to squeeze every last drop of oil out of the fruit.

In our tastings, we found that the price of the oil didn't make a difference. Even some of the most expensive, designer oils had a bitter, gritty after taste.   

Seidita Olive Oil has a clean, pure taste and absolutely no bitter after taste.  I love that.  It tastes like olive oil should taste - a pure olive taste for my salads and my cooking.

The pure taste tells me that a real person was actually watching the press to make sure it didn't crush the pits.

The color of the oil is golden, yellowish green - very healthy looking.

It's extra virgin - which means it has an olive taste. In this case, it's rich and mild.

The oil is cold pressed although the label doesn't use that term.
It says, instead, that the oil is "obtained directly from the olives and solely by mechanical means."

Stella went into great detail about how pure the oil is and how proud Sicilians are of their craft.  "There is nothing in this olive oil that is not in the olive," she said.

This is a nice, nice olive oil worth tasting.

And guess what?
It's packed by another Seidita - Azienda Olearia Seidita.

Maybe we should check out this Seidita connection!

By the way, Stella just got back from a trip to Sicily.

Bet she brought back a lot of her great olive oil!!

Not my best camera work but there's the name -
Gioacchino Seidita  - right on the front!

Want to try Seidita Estate Olive Oil for yourself?

Contact Stella.
Be sure to check on current prices, payment methods and shipping charges.

On Facebook - Stella Moceri Seilo

By email -

By cell phone - 248-318-0220


Seidita Estate, Extra Virgin, Organic
"Reserve" Olive Oil

750ml bottle (like a wine bottle) - $25

3 litre (a generous 3 quarts) can - $60

By the case - 15 bottles @ $20 each ($300 per case)


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