Cauldron Cooking - Baked and Breaded Witches' Fingers

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Haunting-ly Good Recipes for Halloween

Want a ghoul-ish-ly delicious recipe that's cauldron quick?

With a little magic, you can transform plain, old (well, fresh actually - not really old - just boring) chicken breasts into Witches' Fingers.

The kids will love them.
The perfect entree for your Halloween dinner party.
This is really a chicken breast!

Baked and Breaded Witches' Fingers

Raw chicken cuts best if you freeze it till firm but not too hard.

Serves 4-6
Baking pan size not important but an 11 X 15 pan with sides no higher than 1 inch works well. (See Karla's Tip #1 below)

1 (5 3/4 oz.) package chicken coat and bake mix (like Shake & Bake - any flavor)
6-8 chicken breasts (skins removed and partially frozen - see Karla's Tip #2 below)

2 cups your favorite, smooth pasta sauce (not chunky)
6-8 pieces of vegetable peel for a ring (like carrot, cucumber or radish)

Position oven rack so chicken will bake in center. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Coat pan with baking spray.

Rinse partially frozen chicken breasts under cool running water.  Drain but don't dry.

Using a sharp knife, make 4 cuts lengthwise through the meat beginning at the narrower side of each breast. Cuts should run about 2/3 the length of the breast leaving the pieces attached in fan like fashion.

Toss cut breasts with coating mix as directed on package.

Place coated breasts on prepared pan and spread the fan a little to resemble a hand.

Bake 20-25 minutes or as directed on package.  How frozen your chicken was will determine the exact amount of baking time. (See Karla's Tip #3 below.)

Meanwhile, heat pasta sauce. At serving time, divide the sauce equally between plates. Put cooked chicken on top of sauce.  Drape a piece of vegetable peel over the third finger of each hand to resemble a ring.


Karla's Tip #1 - Pan
Be sure to use a pan with low sides.
Cookie sheets are not recommended because the chicken may give off some juice which will run off the pan.
Pan with sides higher than one inch may require additional baking time.

Karla's Tip #2 - Chicken
What we commonly refer to as a "chicken breast" is actually half a breast.  A chicken breast consists of  2 halves but they are usually split when packaged for sale.

In this recipe, each "witches's fingers (hand)" is made from half a breast - that is, a split breast as commonly sold in the grocery store.

Confused?    Sorry... just get a package of chicken breasts and you'll be OK.

Karla's Tip #3 - Baking Time
Not sure if your chicken is cooked?
The meat will be firm to the touch when cooked and the juices running out will be clear.


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