Cauldron Cooking - Franks in Steins

From the Kitchens of Cheesecake Farms

This Halloween treat is really fast!

It's so fast and easy that it's embarrassing!!

But embarrassing or not.....everyone LOVES this.....
even the your gourmet pals!!

Who doesn't like hot dogs, sauerkraut and baked beans topped with yummy melted cheese served in a beer stein?

Guess you'll have to serve your beer in something else.

Franks in Steins

Makes 4 steins

1 (16 oz.) package regular or vegetarian hot dogs (heated and cut into 1 inch chunks - for a gourmet touch use cocktail franks)
1 (14 -16 oz.) can of sauerkraut (rinsed and heated)
1 (28 oz. ) can baked beans (any type)
Cheese sauce (like Cheese Whiz or Tex-Mex Cheese Salsa Dip - heated)
4 handsful tortilla chips (any type)
Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, relish, hot peppers etc. (optional)

Layer beans, sauerkraut, franks and cheese sauce in heat proof steins. Top each with a handful of chips. Serve with condiments.

Karla's Tip
If your steins are microwave safe, you could assemble all the ingredients (except chips and condiments) before heating then microwave till hot.

No steins?
Steins not heat safe?
Use big mugs....but don't change the name to Franks in Mugs.  
You still have to call this Franks in Steins.



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