Is Your Orange Juice Worth the Squeeze?

From the Kitchens of Cheesecake Farms

Orange marmalade may taste
good on toast but it's
not a source of
 vitamin C - sorry!
It's cold and flu season.

Many people stock up on orange juice to help fight off the sniffles. 

Orange juice contains a lot of vitamin C or does it?

Fresh squeezed juice is a great source of vitamin C.

But who has time to squeeze their own juice let alone deal with all that peel. 

Fresh orange wedges provide the same nutrients as fresh juice with a little extra fiber so, eating a fresh orange is just as good as a glass of juice - if not better.

But, still, we love the convenience of just opening a carton.

OK, so how nutritious is that carton of orange juice?

Look at the label.

Some bottled juices are 100% freshly squeezed juice. 
Some are made from concentrate. 
Then there's bottled juice that's made from part concentrate and part freshly squeezed.

The healthiest and best value is 100% orange juice NOT from concentrate. There should be no added sugar, corn syrup, water, coloring or cellulose. 

What's wrong with 100% orange juice made from concentrate?

Nothing if you're buying frozen concentrate. 
Adding your own water is a good way to save money.

What's wrong with bottled 100% orange juice made from concentrate is that you're paying premium prices for less than premium juice.

When bottled orange juice is made from concentrate, it's been processed twice - once to make it into concentrate and again to pasteurize it after reconstituting and bottling.

Each time food is processed, it looses nutrition.

So when you buy bottled orange juice, get the biggest bang for your hard earned buck. Make sure the juice you choose is worth the squeeze.


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