Christmas Baking Made Easy - How to Choose the Perfect Cookie Cutter

From the Kitchens of Cheesecake Farms

Baking cut out cookies?
Here's some tips for choosing a cookie cutter that will make perfect cookies easily.... every time!

Christmas Hearts
Both a German & Scandinavian 

holiday tradition
1. Choose a sharp edge, metal cutter
A metal cutting edge makes a clean cut.  
Plastic cutters squash the dough rather than cut so cookies don't separate easily or neatly.

Tin plated 
Most metal cookie cutters are tin plated.  
They'll last a couple of seasons if you wash them by hand and dry well.  
They'll eventually rust and that's disappointing because it's always your favorite cookie cutter that rusts out first.
Tin plated cookie cutters are inexpensive.

Expensive but so beautiful you can display them on your kitchen walls when they're not in use. 
They'll last years longer than tin but hand wash and dry these, too.

Stainless Steel 
The pro's choice.  They don't rust and you can put them into the dish washer.  
Harder to find than tin or copper and stores generally don't carry much of a selection.  The internet will be your best best.

We don't recommend plastic cutters but even we have a few in our collection.  Sometimes they're just the size and shape you're looking for.  They're cheap enough that it's OK.... just don't mention them to your gourmet pals.

Hearts, candy canes, rounds, 
stars .. any hing simple
works best... even ponies, puppies
and kitties as long as it's a simple design

2. Simple designs work best
When your cookie cutter has a large, simple overall design, the dough will easily release from the cutter. 

Intricate designs are frustrating to remove from the cutters.

Add design touches with frosting and other decorations rather than trying to get intricate detail from the dough. 


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