Savor the Season - For Better Health No Cooking Allowed

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

Yes, raw berries on a festive
Christmas cake counts as a
serving of enzymes!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and was deeply saddened by what I saw.

Being Christmas, the store was packed and carts were piled high but the people all looked so unhealthy.  No one seemed to be happy even in this season of joy.

They were grossly over weight, coughing, sneezing with tortuously bad skin... desperate to be freed from their bodily prisons.

The children were no better and perhaps worse since they were far too young to have these maladies.

But taking a look into their grocery carts, it was easy to see why they suffered needlessly.  Their carts were filled with life-less food.

Oh, I saw a lot of people checking labels for fat and sodium and they had plenty of festive, yummy fare in their carts - that's for sure - but what they didn't have was live food.

That's the key to good health... live food.

Now what does that food???

Well, live food is food that contains natural enzymes.

While cooked and processed food may contain nutrients, they do not contain enzymes.  Enzymes are the keys that unlock the cells so nutrients can slip inside. Without enzymes, your body is just getting by.

Prepared entrees, cookies, chips, drink mixes, bottled orange juice, canned soups even canned vegetables... are all sources of calories and nutrients but, because they have been heated above 104 degrees Fahrenheight, none contain enzymes.  Only raw, unprocessed food contains enzymes and you're got to have some each day.

Now, I'm all for recreational eating and home cooking..... I do it quite a bit of it myself  ....but a steady diet of  life-less food yields a life less body and a life-less life.

When you eat live foods, you have good health.  When you have good health, your cells glow from the inside and you radiate from every pore of your body.  WOW!

So, how do you get live foods into diet?

It's very easy.... just begin with raw fruits, vegetables and nuts.

A green salad with dinner,  lettuce and tomato on your sandwich, cole slaw with your fast food, raw veggies as a snack, fresh fruit drizzled with raw honey as dessert, a hand full of raw nuts while watching TV......even a frozen banana.  It doesn't take much and you'll still have room for the recreational Twinkie, bowl of chili or pizza dripping with cheese.

Here's your reward.... the more raw (live) fruits, veggies and nuts you eat, the better you'll feel (and the better you'll look) so you'll naturally want to choose them more often.  Good for you!!

But remember, no cooking is allowed or you'll destroy the enzymes.

It's that easy!


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