Savor the Season - Winter, The Gift of Rest

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

The seasons are a gift of time..... time to sow, time to reap and time to rest.

Winter is the time to rest.

With all the hustle bustle of the holidays, it's hard to rest but that's exactly what Mother Nature intended during this cold, dark time of year.

Rest isn't a bad thing.

You don't take to your bed to wait out winter.
You don't stop living or miss out on the celebrations of the season.

Rest is simply the time to look inward.

Winter is the time for introspective pursuits, snuggling down and warming foods.

It's a time for body maintenance, alternative activities and planning for spring.

The extended hours of darkness make it all so much easier.... just like nature intended.

You'd never run your car 24/7 without regular down time and maintenance yet that's exactly how we run our bodies then scold them when they break down.

When you give your body rest, you regroup, energize and gather yourself for positive steps forward into spring.

Celebrate winter as a season of rest.

Work with Mother Nature not against her.
You'll be healthier for it!


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