Food for Thought - Are You Sabotaging Your Health with What You Eat? Part 6 - Food is Medicine

By Karla Jones Seidita, Home Economist

Food changes your body chemistry every bit as much as the pills you swallow.

Food tastes good .... pills don't.... but they both effect how you live, work and function.

Brain fog, fatigue, inability to get anything done, susceptibility to colds, flu, headache and other diseases, menstrual cramps, depression, weight gain or loss, bad skin....anything and everything.

Some food makes you feel good.  Some food makes you feel bad.

The key to being healthy is to pay attention to how you feel and what reactions you have after eating or drinking something.

Unlike pills, food is most often holistic and subtle in it's interaction with the body although you can get a full blown allergic reaction. (That's your body screaming at you for what you have just put into it.)

Foods that make you feel good should be eaten more often.

Foods that make you feel bad should be minimized or totally eliminated from the diet....even if they are considered to be "healthy" foods.

The only way to really get a handle on how the food you're eating effects you is to keep a journal of what you eat and how you feel.

It doesn't have to be a long or complicated.   Just a few words or phrases will be enough.  What you're looking for is a pattern.  Which foods make you feel good.  Which foods make you feel bad.

"Had scrambled eggs, hash browns and buttered toast for breakfast.  Felt sleepy about 10AM."

"Had toast with peanut butter for breakfast.... wasn't hungry till lunch."

"Ate way too much breakfast... clothes felt tight all morning and I couldn't seem to concentrate on my work or get anything done."

The body doesn't necessarily clear out everything in 24 hours so don't discount possible relationships.  That migraine you had on Thursday may have actually been the result of all the alcohol you consumed the Saturday before.

Once you see patterns, you can tweak your diet choosing foods that make you feel good more often.  The better you begin to feel, the more often you'll want to choose the better-for-you foods.

There are no universally good or bad foods.  Each of us reacts to foods differently...even healthy foods.

Food is medicine that adjusts and regulates the body's delicate chemistry.  Use it to make yourself feel great....not to make yourself sick.


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